Southern Indiana, meet your professional soccer club!!!

We Culture

We have come together from different paths; professional, collegiate, and academy, to work together and create a team that will make Southern Indiana proud.

Playing in the UPSL provides a platform for our high-quality players to showcase their skills and continue their development, and younger generations the opportunity to learn from watching the game.

Through our involvement and engagement, we aim to become an integral part of the Southern Indiana community and focus on continuously looking for ways to make a positive impact.

Southern Indiana FC is a “we” culture. Everyone involved in working for the club, playing for the club, rooting for the club, is part of our culture.

We believe this gives us the best opportunity to teach values to our community, especially our youth. This is how team sports of all levels should be, and we intend to set the example.

We look forward to seeing you at the pitch!

Our Why

Although Southern Indiana is often overlooked by pro sport team expansions, the communities of Southern Indiana are collectively stronger than a large city.

SIFC is bringing professional sports to Southern Indiana.

Together, we will prove that a team, connected to the community that supports it, doesn’t need skyscrapers on the horizon to be successful.

We embody the area’s hardworking blue-collar heritage and work to continuously develop better players and people through our core values.

Let’s rally together, win together, grow together!


Our goal is to win championships and advance in the US Soccer pyramid.

SIFC is set up with strong backing, an excellent executive team, and a great leadership group.

The soccer landscape continues to grow and change, so as we prepare for that, we are setting the strongest foundation for the future!

We are always looking to the future.