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Community Growth & Support

The first funding area of the Corporation will focus on providing resources for community causes, giving back to Southern Indiana through a host of private-public – or related – partnerships that benefit children and youth populations. A focus for the Corporation will be to give financing – and, at times, coordinate in-kind soccer services – to the community where needed, creating connection-points for many publics. Events with community-networking and sports as a focus will provide annual visibility for the Corporation, including with units of government and foundations. Additionally, broad-based funding within the community will provide visibility for the Corporation, as it works with municipalities and other founders to support public initiatives and nonprofit organizations.

Discover & Provide

Youth Outreach & Opportunity

The second funding area of the Corporation will focus on outreach to children and youth across a continuum of the financial ability spectrum. By serving children and youth who do not have the ability to pay for soccer programing, communities can be impacted through exercise and the focuses necessary to excel within sports. Partnerships with nonprofit organizations is a key ingredient for the Corporation within this funding area, leveraging other resources and networks with a comprehensive approach to Southern Indiana’s children and youth populations. The Corporation will also have a focus for children and youth with disabilities through access, opportunities, and programing. A scholarship program will provide access to children and youth – towards soccer training and activities – with the Southern Indiana Football Club.

Create & Learn

Program & Initiative Commitment

The third funding area of the Corporation will focus on soccer and related programing for children, youth, and the community, focusing on health and physical fitness. The Corporation and the Southern Indiana Football Club will host community programing and highlight initiatives such as football clinics and tournaments, fellowships or internships, partnership programs with other foundations or nonprofit organizations, and areas such as “community zone tickets” to Southern Indiana Football Club games. The Corporation will provide soccer balls to participants within the various programs, as well as sports physiology and team-building activities.

People & Place

Staffing & Capital Support

The fourth funding area of the Corporation will focus on supporting the mission of the Southern Indiana Football Club, which involves “make it all happen” within Southern Indiana. Augmenting the resources of the Southern Indiana Football Club to provide exceptional staff support – for programing by the Corporation and related outreach – and state-of-the-art facilities within Southern Indiana, as allowable and approved by the Directors, the Corporation will strive to be a good partner with the Southern Indiana Football Club as appropriate within the nonprofit sector. The Corporation will assist the Southern Indiana Football Club when needed with funding for capital such as fields, stands, classrooms and facilities, equipment, and related technologies, with other funders. The Corporation, with the aforementioned staff support, can aid with some staffing funding as it relates with community impact.

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